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June 24, 2008


Jody Ferlaak

Ashley Wren.
You rock the memories like no other! I love the way you embrace scrapbooking and preserving your memories and dreams and daily life. This is fab- such a great idea. But then again, I expect nothing less from you. You know I love those stickers too. You make me want to be 10 again. =) Love this! Thanks for the inpsiration.


GREAT challenge....ideas all ready running through MY HEAD....hope to start tonight!!! :):):):):)

Julie :):):)


this is such a cute idea. I am going to give it a try!


oh my
i have rainbow brite flashbacks :)
the joy
this is so cool!

Courtney DeLaura

love this idea
gonna do it
love you love this
and YOU :)


rainbow brite! see the shining light! :)

so cool.

Amber Ulmer

awe! AW!!! Love this...
I see an eyelet bedspread w/rose buds and a gold iron headboard... So inspired me!!! Im scrappin tonight!!! Love you Monkie Moo xo

angie b.

two words... Duran Duran.
that pretty much sums up my childhood bedroom. ;)
LOVE this challenge, ash!


Hmmmm I can see blue... dark blue... ;-)


oh my goodness I am so having flash backs now. I love this challenge!

kimberly brimhall

LOVE this!!!

i am adding this to my inspiration lists:)


hi girl i saw this , i was thinking i then i saw that book and i know it take a peek at my portofolio;


aranka Jacobs

OMG, Duran Duran, covered all my walls too!
But also a Dutch group: Roberto Jacketti & the scooters... hihi, I think i have found my subject to scrap with.....


I posted mine. Thanks for the challenge. I had fun with it. :)


I must have a picture of my bedroom somewhere, hope i can find it and make a LO with it cause this is so great!!

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